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When concidering a domestic alarms installation, their are many options to concider

PIR Detectors (Passive InfraRed)
these are infrared motions/heat detectors which are normally installed in target rooms with in the house i.e. Lounge, Halls, Kitchen and Landing. PIR's can be fitted in every room if required.

Vibration Detectors
Vibration Detectors are used on doors and windows with the house, covering from even a little bag from an intruder.

Panic Buttons
panic buttons are a good idea if you have one fitted in a bedroom for example, if an intruder was to enter your property without sounding the alarm you can activite the alarm which in most cases intruders will flee the seene

Individual Zones
zones are a great idea for seperating different area's you want covering by your alarm.

Zone1 - downstairs
Zone2 - upstairs
Zone3 - Garage
Zone4 - Shed

This gives you the flexiblity of arming only the zones you aren't occupying

  Type   Advantage   Disadvantage    
  Wired Alarms   No replacing batteries, ,
Physical cabling giving you
peice of mind and cheaper to buy

Intial installation costs

  Wireless Alarms   Cheaper installation Costs, although costs are still incured for programming   Replacing batteries    



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